Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 21 : Wolverhampton to Penkridge

Sunday 4th February 2007

Distance Walked: 11 miles
Start Time: 8:44
End Time: 12:00
Elapsed Time: 3:16
Weather: Cold and clear.
Distance walked so far: 426.3 miles

Weekly Audio Update: Dave on The Steve Show - Day 21

It doesn’t take long to escape the Wolverhampton suburbs, and once again I’m walking down country lanes in the winter morning sunshine. This land is mostly farms and fields, and whilst the Staffordshire Way meanders through the turf, I stick to tarmac and cross motorway and canal, through Codsall and Brewood, and reach Penkridge by midday. We all have to deal with the consequences of our actions, and for me, today, it simply means that I’m weary. Weary from yesterday’s walking, and weary from the late night. And weary from the relentless daily effort. I settle into The Bridge Inn, one of two rather fancy pub/restaurants in the town, and attempt to will myself back to life.

I’m hoping I’ve still got the touch. I once, in order to avoid having to write a history essay at school, managed to convince an army of doctors (with their thorough, probing examinations) that I had appendicitis, which resulted in the useless organ being removed, despite the malady being a complete fabrication. Surely someone with such powers over their own body as to be able to make healthy attributes become withered could manage to breathe some enthusiasm back into this deflated soul. With beer and burger as my props, I set to work.

Song of the day:

Charlie Rich
“Feel like going home”

Lord, I feel like going home /
I tried and I failed /
And I’m tired and weary /
Everything I done was wrong /
And I feel like going home

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